Richard Devlin declares candidacy for Oregon Secretary of State


Democratic State Senator has Long Record of Protecting Services, Improving Accountability

State Senator Richard Devlin today declared that he was running in the Democratic Primary for Oregon Secretary of State. “In both local and state government, I have dedicated myself to improving our schools, funding essential services for Oregonians, and making our state government more open and accountable,” said Devlin. “I believe my experience, priorities and record are the right fit and that the Secretary of State’s office is the place that I could do the most good for Oregon.”

Richard Devlin has been the leading voice in the Oregon Legislature on protecting funding for the public schools, community colleges, and universities that Oregon families depend on and are the vital foundation of a strong economy. He’s fought to ensure children and seniors have access to the services they depend on, and that middle class families are protected during tough times. As the Co-Chair of the Joint Ways and Means Committee, Richard also has a deep knowledge of every part of state government – a vital qualification for the Secretary of State.

“As the state’s auditor, the Secretary of State is in a unique position to make government more effective and accountable,” Devlin said. “It might sound dry, but you can have a tremendous impact on the things that matter most to Oregonians.”

Devlin is also committed to making sure that Oregon’s elections system is open, fair and accessible to participation. “I’m proud of the work we have already done to make it easy to register and vote, such as the best-in-the-nation registration process,” he said. “One of my top priorities will be to ensure that Oregonians have full confidence in their elections.”

A lifelong Oregonian, Richard was born in Eugene – the second youngest of nine children – and worked his way through college, earning his Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice from Portland State University. He served in the Marine Corps and then went on to earn a Master of Arts in Management from Pepperdine University.

In 1980, Richard and his wife settled their family in Tualatin. Instilled with a strong sense of service to community – first by his mother, who taught of a responsibility to give back, and then from his service in the Marines – Richard ran for the local City Council. As a Council member, he helped establish Tualatin’s first police department, and advocated for transportation improvements and the creation of new city parks. Later, as a member of the Metro Council, the regional government of the Portland Metropolitan area, he focused on building strong communities by meeting the transportation needs of businesses and individuals, and protecting the region’s open spaces.

Richard was elected to the House of Representatives in 1996. He served three terms in the House before his election to the Oregon Senate in 2002 and was the Senate Democratic Majority Leader from 2007-2010. Richard is currently the Senate Co-Chair of the Joint Ways and Means Committee, which creates the budget touching every part of state government.