Oregon’s Secretary of State may not be the highest profile office in Oregon, but with the right leadership, its responsibilities can have a real impact on our state government, our democracy, and our future.

Richard Devlin2And rarely has there ever been a better fit for the office than Richard Devlin.

Richard’s integrity, deep experience, strong progressive values and extraordinary record of results offer Oregonians the right priorities – and the ability to deliver on them. Richard already has a strong record of improving government.  As our next Secretary of State, he will do even more:

Strengthening the Auditing Division

One of the most important responsibilities of the Secretary of State is being state government’s “Auditor in Chief.” A strong auditing program can mean a better government, finding ways to save money, more efficiently deliver critical services to people and ensure transparency and accountability to the public.  

  • Hold the audits division to the highest professional auditing standards
  • Insure that when fiscal audits find irregularities in public expenditures that problems are corrected and agencies are held accountable.
  • Revitalize and focus performance audits on improving the performance of state agencies in efficiently and effectively delivering vital services to Oregonians.
  • Utilize IT (Information Technology) Audits to ensure that future IT Projects are well designed, managed and kept within budget. This is even more important in the wake of Cover Oregon’s website fiasco.

Protecting Access and Integrity to Our Elections System

The Secretary of State runs Oregon’s election system, which is the foundation of our democracy. When it comes to supervising elections, the most important word is “Trust.” Richard’s reputation for openness and integrity is an important reason to make him our next Secretary of State. In the legislature, Richard has also been a leader in improvements to the initiative and referendum system, Vote-By-Mail, ballot integrity, the centralization and technological improvement of voter lists. Some of his priorities:


  • Oregon’s pioneering Vote by Mail system has made voting easier and more secure, helping keep Oregon’s turnout among the highest in the nation. But Richard believes that nobody should have to pay to vote: he supports paid postage for all Oregon ballots.
  • Right now, Oregon wins high marks for the transparency of its online contributions and expenditure reporting.  But Richard believes that much more can be done to protect the integrity of the campaign finance system. Sometimes the issue isn’t what campaigns report – it’s what they don’t report.  He will fix gaps in the system to ensure that all campaign activities are properly accounted for.
  • Richard will also aggressively implement Oregon’s new Motor Voter system to ensure access for very eligible voter. He also supports reducing the lag time between the voter registration deadline and Election Day, while protecting the security and integrity of the process.

Standing Up for Oregon’s Values

The Secretary of State has other important duties that touch on important Oregon values: clean and healthy land and water, a strong economy, and the transparency of state government.

  • The Secretary of State is a member of the Oregon State Land Board, which makes decisions about specific state held lands and assets.  While its responsibilities are limited, Richard will make balanced decisions that protect our air, land, water and priceless natural heritage.
  • As the leader of Oregon’s Corporate Division, Richard will continue his work in the legislature to make it easier for Oregon businesses and entrepreneurs to register and complete the necessary paperwork to help our economy grow. He also supports additional resources for the Office of Small Business Assistance to ensure that small businesses get the help they need.
  • The Archives Division, which preserves and promotes the state’s rich history for the benefit of all Oregonians, is also under the supervision of the Secretary of State. It is responsible for collecting and safeguarding many state documents, some of which can be important for transparency, investigations and historical purposes. Richard will insure they are protected and available.