Nobody in the race for Secretary of State can come close to Richard Devlin’s record of making Oregon a better place. And that includes the issues most important to serving as Oregon’s Secretary of State.


The Secretary of State is responsible for auditing state government – one of the strongest tools for improving government. Richard’s experience makes him the clear choice.

  • Sponsored a bill allowing state government to issue less-expensive “Q” general obligation bonds saving over $80 million thus far. SJR 48 (2010)
  • Sponsored a bill that reduced middle-management to protect critical frontline services during recession-driven budget cuts. HB 2020 (2011)
  • Passed a bill requiring business registry information to establish, maintain, and update one stop shop for an Oregon Business internet portal. HB 3247 (2011)
  • Spurred by the issues with Cover Oregon and IT contracting, Richard worked tirelessly and successfully to give the State Chief Information Officer and the Director of the Department of Administrative Services more influence over agency projects – allowing them more scrutiny. HB 4122 (2014)
  • Passed a bill directing the Secretary of State to conduct a performance audit of state agency public records retention and disclosure practices, including analysis and recommendations on specified criteria. SB 9 (2015)


The Secretary of State also runs Oregon’s elections system. Serving on the Rules Committee, Richard’s leadership helped create multiple improvements to Oregon’s election system. Some examples:

  • Implemented Oregon’s voter approved Vote By Mail law. SB 1178; HB 2001 (1999)
  • Improved initiative ballot titles, making the result of a Yes or No vote clearer. SB 867 (1999)
  • Passed the bill that created a centralized voting registration system, improving the security and integrity of the system, and helping to prevent fraud. HB 2002 (2001)
  • As co-sponsor and Chair of the Rules committee, Richard passed the bill that created an electronic voter registration system, making it easier to register to vote, and making the system more efficient and accountable. HB 2368 (2009)
  • Improved ballot security by requiring sample or imitation ballots to say they cannot be used for voting. At the time, some campaigns were sending imitation ballots, leading to voter confusion. SB 1062 (2010)
  • Richard co-sponsored a bill creating a citizens initiative review commission. The bill would provide an independent voice to give information to the public about the initiative process. HB 2634 (2011)


Nobody in the legislature has worked longer, harder, or more successfully to protect and improve Oregon’s schools and higher education. When he was appointed Chair of the Education Sub-Committee of Ways and Means, Richard reviewed the budgets of every school district, education service district, community college, and university in the state.

Under Richard’s leadership on the budget-writing Ways and Means Committee, K-12 State School Fund grew more than $1.6 billion. He worked to slow tuition increases in public colleges and universities. He also led the fight to allow bonding to be issued for matching fund for public schools, helping local school districts improve and expand classrooms and educational facilities. Further education accomplishments:

  • Students in the National Guard were losing their tuition if they were deployed after the deadline to withdraw. Richard helped pass the bill loosening the deadlines so that students could receive refunds and wouldn’t receive withdraws on their transcript. SB 575 (2005)
  • Richard protected the safety of teachers and students by sponsoring the bill prohibiting the dangerous R type metal halide or mercury vapor lighting in bulbs in schools. This bill came about after several Lake Oswego school teachers were injured when defective shielding from a metal halide light caused permanent and severe eye damage. SB 479 (2005)
  • Richard helped create the Scholars for a Healthy Oregon Initiative to provide free tuition and fees for certain students in health care disciplines, in exchange for student commitment to work in underrepresented locations after graduation. SB 2A (2013)
  • Richard increased funding for the Career and Technical Education Revitalization Grant Program, enabling more vocational and technical training for Oregon students. SB 498 (2013)
  • Richard won funding to increase school districts ability to provide free lunches for children in need. HB 2545 (2015)
  • Co-sponsored a task force to determine the appropriate class sizes for students to succeed, identified methods to reduce large class sizes, and determined the cost of implementing these methods. HB 2928 (2015)
  • Improved education funding for children in residential treatment programs, including protection to make sure that the money actually reaches the children who need it. SB 135 (2015)
  • Co-sponsored the bill requiring public universities, community colleges, and Oregon-based private universities and colleges to adopt written protocol for victims of sexual assault. SB 759 (2015)


  • Because so many hearing problems were going undetected in babies, Richard sponsored the bill requiring hospitals to administer a hearing test within one month of birth. HB 3246 (1999)
  • When a mother told Richard about losing her child in an accident due to seat belts being too high to protect children, he sponsored the bill requiring booster seats for children. HB 3155 (2001)
  • Introduced the law requiring school districts to establish policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation, and bullying. HB 3403 (2001)
  • Richard was chief sponsor of the bill creating Oregon’s Amber Alert system. SB 8 (2003)
  • Co-sponsored the bill allowing employees to take family leave to deal with death of family member. HB 2950 (2013)
  • Richard championed the bill that requires public school students seven years of age or younger who are beginning an education program to have vision screening or eye examination. This was a very personal cause for Richard because up until the 3rd grade no one realized that he had poor eyesight. He couldn’t read until second grade and it wasn’t until third grade that a teacher believed he was smarter than he appeared and encouraged an eye exam. His family lived in poverty, so the school provided the means for him to get an eye exam and even incurred the cost of a pair of glasses. By fourth grade he had read the most books in his class. HB 3000, (2013)
  • Richard helped pass bills protecting adults with developmental disabilities while increasing options for their treatment and care. SB 559, SB 640 (2013)


  • As Co-Chair of Ways and Means, Richard repeatedly rescued Oregon Project Independence, the programs that provides home care for seniors who need a little help to be able to remain living independently in their own homes.
  • Increased penalties for elder abuse. HB 2449 (2003)


  • Out of any of the other candidates, Richard has the longest history of public support for background checks on firearms sales at gun shows. (starting with HB 2535, 1999)
  • Led the effort to pass the “graduated licensing system” to give young drivers more time “behind the wheel” before they get a driver’s license. HB 2440 (1999)
  • Toughened penalties for killing someone while driving under the influence. SB 421 (2003)
  • Protected victims of domestic violence by allowing them to keep their addresses secret in public records. SB 580 (2005)
  • Richard sponsored a bill requiring people who had their driving privileges suspended or revoked because of driving under the influence to install an ignition interlock device for five years after their driving privileges are restored. HB 4017 (2011)


  • Richard fought successfully to require that banks and other financial institutions disclose previously hidden ATM fees at the time of being charged. SB 125 (1997)
  • When a lot of manufactured home parks were being converted to residential land, and people were being kicked of their homes, Richard sponsored a bill that created a tax credit for individuals who were being involuntarily removed from their residence. HB 2389 (2005)
  • Richard passed a bill requiring health plans to provide routine costs of care in qualifying clinical trials. People that were enrolled in and paying for health insurance were being denied basic health coverage by some insurance companies when they entered clinical trials. Denying basic health coverage creating hardships for individuals, often during the worst time in their lives, and was making research very difficult because people became reluctant to participate in health trials for fear of losing basic health coverage. SB 316 (2009)
  • Co-Chief-sponsored a law allowing those going through bankruptcy to keep their “tools of the trade” to help business owners and self-employed individuals retain their livelihood. SB 935 (2011)